Divine Inspiration, Not Divination

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We will teach you Astrology in 6 Months!
Yes, you read that right! 6 Months!
Wanting to start 2021 off with a bang? Then look no further than the Yogastrology classes, brought to you exclusively by Rei Rei and Divine Scarlet. ​

What is Yogastrology? The word combines yoga, with astrology, which is simply union with the divine via the transcendence of the unconscious program imprinted within your horoscope. If one acts and lives unconsciously, then the planets, transits and negative traits in their chart outline a predictable future. When consciousness is awakened in the individual, they not only regain the ability to choose how to respond to situations but also how they define them. 


Freewill is only a possibility if you become conscious of the unconscious. 

Interested in Yogastrology? Watch us for more explanation 


We launch "YogAstrology" April 21, 2021! 

Wanting to start 2021 off with a bang? Then look no further than the Yogastrology classes! What makes "us so different?" We will teach you how to empower yourself, with Divine Inspiration, and not divination to truly transform the way you look at the world and react to it.

Our Mission

Our creative power is the divine within each of us, and when utilised masterfully, there are no limits on what we're able to achieve in life, as long as we maintain the passion and drive to succeed in our chosen field. 


These lessons will teach you how to identify the program in your chart so you can become more conscious of the workings of your inner world. The chart doesn't affect you─it reflects your state of consciousness─we aim to help you light a match in a dark place, to become conscious of the unconscious residue of the illusions of the past, and past lives within you! 


Your true self is already within you, you're probably having trouble connecting with him or her because your minds making too much noise. We promise you that within six months, we'll totally transform the way you see yourself, your chart and your life as a whole. There will be four live classes each month, on zoom, where you get to ask questions to the tutors at the end of each lesson. PDF files will also be administered so you're able to re-examine and be reminded what you've learned. The lessons are also going to be recorded, so you'll also be able to rewatch them if you feel you needed more time to study before the next class. 


This course contains twenty-four lessons in total, spanning six months. Melissa (Divine Scarlet) and Craig (Rei Rei), thanks to their experience in the astrological field for over a combined thirty years, have fast-tracked this course so it doesn't take you forever to learn like it normally does. 

Your Teachers

You may recognize Rei Rei/Craig Woods from his Best-Seller book published in the U.K. publishers, and available worldwide;  called The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind. He specializes not only in astrology but in being fully present in our experiences, and helps guide his clients to re-focus themselves from a future timeline into the here and now. 

Melissa, Divine Scarlet; is an Astrology Teacher, Spiritual And Self Love Counselor,

with over 20 years of Astrology experience, she completed her professional training at "Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics" in Los Angeles. She teachers her clients not only cognitively, but also how to really "feel" into each archetype of each planet.

She went to college majored in and holds a degree in Psychology; she specializes in Spiritual and Love Counseling. She is certified in Manifesting/The law of attraction & initiated into Ritual Magic. 



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